10 Hacks For Fungal-Free Toes

Warmer weather is upon us and it is breeding ground for foot fungus. We all want to rock our new gladiator sandals but the last thing anyone needs are scary toenails - aka fungal-feet.

Actually, you may not even realize that you have a fungus problem until it is too late! Yellow toe nails, burning, itching, or peeling feet all could be an indicator of a fungus, known as Onychomycosis or Athlete's Foot. What you need are some simple changes to keep the heat from taking a toll on your feet.

10 Tricks to Prevent + Treat Fungal Feet

You can also rid a foot fungus but soaking your feet in mouth wash! 1. Don't wear wet or moist socks - Fungus grows and breeds in warm, dark environments. Wearing your shoes for too long with sweaty socks or wet socks can grow a fungus on your feet.

2. Don't walk on public bathroom floors without flip-flops, like never, ever - We have all been in the place where we show up at the gym, head to the hot tub, and realize we forgot our flip-flops. Don't take this lightly! Public floors at the gym or shower, are filled with little fungi on the prowl. Don't take that risk. Remember your flops.

3. Try some yogurt, and we don't mean in your breakfast - Yogurt can actually help get rid of fungus. Grab a plain, unsweetened yogurt from the store and let the bacteria in it fight the battle for you. Just rub onto toes or infected area, preferably using a cotton ball as to not touch the possibly infected areas, and let it soak until it dries. Just rinse with warm water, and repeat a few times a day if needed.

4. Avoid sugary foods - We know, we know... you hear this all the time, and you tired of being told to cut out sugar. Seriously though, sugar feeds the bad bacteria that you are trying to avoid. So, if you are having problems with fungus, you should probably cut it out of your diet or at least cut back.

5. Add in the probiotics - Now it is time to eat your yogurt. If that isn't for you, try taking probiotics or drinking up Kombucha (which is so delicious). You need to replenish the good bacteria in your body to fight these attacks.

6. Keep your feet washed - In the summer, with sweat pouring out like nobody's business, it is crucial to keep your feet (and the rest of you) washed frequently. Whether you are a wild barefoot woman or you prefer to keep your shoes on at all times, even in the house, you should be washing. Try to give your feet a good wash daily, even if you just rinse them at the end of the day, and add in some Lavender Water to your natural soap for some extra anti-fungal love.

7. Switch up your shoes and make sure they fit your feet properly - Shoes should not touch your toes in any way (click to learn more here). When you wear tight shoes that hurt your toe nails, you make your skin and nails susceptible to fungi by breaking the skin. Make sure you are wearing shoes with lots of toe room, or open-toed shoes.

Did you know: running shoes should be about a size larger than your normal size? Getting a larger running shoe with lots of toe room will help from breaking your toe nails!

8. Dab with oils - Tamanu Oil, Maracuja or Passion Fruit Seed Oil, and Tea Tree Oil, are just a few of the powerful anti-fungal oils out there. Just grab a Q-tip, soak in some oils, and rub onto nail beds and other affected areas multiple times a day.

9. Keep your toenails trimmed - Keeping your nails short will inhibit bacteria from being able to stay hidden under your nails. When trimming though, make sure not to cut too short or pick at the skin around your nails.

10. Give your feet a good soak - If all else fails and it seems you might be acquiring a foot fungus, just give your toes a good soak. Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil, Oil of Oregano, or White Vinegar all have anti-fungal properties which will kill the virus. Add about half hot water and the additive of your choice, and soak multiple times a day! This should significantly help.

Although foot fungus can seem like its no big deal, it actually isn't something to take lightly. Foot fungus very easily can spread to the hands or groin area causing jock itch or other incredibly uncomfortable infections. Make sure to treat your foot fungus and use good prevention this summer.

If you have other preventative treatments for foot fungus, let us know in the comments below!

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