100 Uses for Jojoba Oil That You (Probably) Didn't Know

Jojoba Oil has been around for centuries but only recently has it become a staple in beauty routines everywhere. Because of its pure natural power, Jojoba Oil is so versatile that there are literally hundreds of ways you can use it! Do you know all of the uses for Jojoba Oil on our list?

As the bestseller of organic Jojoba Oil on Amazon, we get a lot of people trying it for the first time and wondering what the best ways are to start integrating it to their natural beauty processes. Share these tips with your friends who are just getting started!

List of 100 Ways You Can Use Jojoba Oil

1. Moisturize your face, neck, hands and nails with just your fingers!

2. Apply around your eyes to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

3. Men, soften your skin before shaving to keep from giving shaving rash.

4. And use it after you’ve shaved to keep your face looking youthful.

5. Give yourself a scalp massage with just a few drops 20 minutes before showering.

6. Treat yourself to a deep conditioning treatment by coating your locks and either letting it sit for a few hours (during a movie, perhaps?) or up overnight.

7. Have curly hair? Add a drop or two, rub it between your palms and scrunch your hair up to get some added texturizing curl!

8. Tame flyaways - only use a drop on your fingers to tame those wispy flyaways to keep you from looking frizzy.

9. Do you have split ends? Use a drop on your fingers to add some texturizing moisture to your damaged ends so that they don’t look frizzy either.

10. Use as a natural makeup remover. Put a drop or two on a cotton ball and massage over your face or eyes.

11. Add to a lip scrub! We don’t recommend eating Jojoba Oil, but in the winter months, those lips can get dry. Add it to a homemade sugar lip scrub recipe and then wipe away.

12. Add to your daily body moisturizer for some extra oil love.

13. Treat your sunburn right after you notice some redness to offset any peeling.

14. Use as a carrier oil for your favorite essential oils! This is one of the most common uses!

15. Got sore shoulders? Ask a friend or significant other to give you a quick massage. It’ll need to be quick because it’ll soak into your skin pretty quickly but you can always add more!

16. Have dark spots on your chest or decolletage? Add a few drops a day to minimize dark marks.

17. Make a body scrub! Good for all over your body - arms, legs, etc. It’ll leave you soft all over.

18. Have a scabbed over wound? Add a drop on top of scabs and around the wound area and allow to air dry to increase healing and minimize scars.

19. Have a raw nose from allergies or a cold? Dab a few drops around the nostrils to give comfort and minimize redness.

20. Apply to eczema spots to minimize symptoms

21. Have flakey or dry skin? Apply daily or more to give deep healing.

22. Add to a foot scrub or apply after scrubbing to minimize fungus.

23. Diminish the inflammation from bug bites by applying and then not scratching. ; )

24. Did you burn yourself on the stove? If it’s not blistering, adding Jojoba Oil as part of your healing will shorten healing time and minimize the risk of scarring.

25. It’s great for ACNE. Use daily either after washing your face or use as part of an oil cleansing method. We hear all the time how it’s helped clear up some of the worst acne.

26. Got back and shoulder acne too? Use it after showering to cut down on that bacteria also.

27. Mix into a body butter recipe!

28. Add to your homemade shampoo recipe.

29. Or add to your homemade conditioner recipe!

30. Don’t like making homemade recipes? Well, use a natural shampoo and after coming out of the shower, apply Jojoba Oil to your hair and comb through as a natural leave-in conditioner. (One of our customers was able to give up using conditioner entirely this way!)

31. Use as a replacement for coconut oil in almost any beauty recipe or masque.

32. Use as a carrier oil with peppermint oil as a natural insect repellant.

33. Have rough heels or feet? Give them a scrub with a pumice stone and add Jojoba Oil to your feet afterward.

34. Have REALLY bad feet? Apply Jojoba Oil to your feet and wrap in plastic and socks before going to bed to have softer feet in the morning.

35. Brighten your skin by using it as your daily facial moisturizer.

36. Have unsightly blemishes? Apply a few times a day to even out skintone.

37. Get wind chapped? Apply to dry, dehydrated and chapped skin.

38. Have a BEARD? It’s a great oil for beard care - it’s in our bestselling beard oils.

39. Apply to stretch marks to even out tone.

40. Got sun spots from being out all summer? Apply to make them less noticeable or go away completely.

41. Have rashy patches? Add a few drops to your regular treatment cream or apply directly.

42. Massage onto rough knees.

43. Rub onto ashy and rough elbows.

44. Apply after eyebrow or leg waxing.

45. Use as a muscle massage oil with your essential oils.

46. Add a few drops to your body wash for an extra nourishing treat.

47. Use as part of a natural deodorant blend.

48. Apply daily to Keratosis flare ups.

49. Smooth onto dyed hair to extend color saturation and softness.

50. Have brittle hair? Pull through hair daily as a daily moisture treatment.

51. Add to your hair’s ends before blow drying.

52. Massage onto hair as a curling iron or flat iron protection.

53. Pour a few drops into your pore cleansing oil.

54. Make your own anti-aging blend in a roller.

55. Have sore ankles? Massage oil to reduce topical inflammation.

56. Got dry and brittle eyelashes? Wipe a Jojoba Oil swab onto lashes for a lash conditioner.

57. Massage onto hair loss patchiness on your scalp.

58. Rub onto dry and cracked cuticles for a cuticle treatment.

59. Soothe pierced earlobes with a few drops.

60. Stretching your ears? Apply daily for comfort and healing.

61. Use as a natural hand lotion.

62. Rub onto fingernails and toenails to minimize breakage.

63. Wipe a cotton ball with Jojoba Oil over your eyebrows after an extensive plucking session.

64. Massage onto pregnant bellies to minimize stretch marks!

65. Apply to cracked knuckles.

66. Jojoba Oil helps ease the symptoms of psoriasis.

67. Use daily to help heal rosacea.

68. Apply to calluses to soften skin.

69. Use as an additional treatment for corns.

70. Great as an addition to natural soapmaking!

71. Add as an extra oil to face mask recipes.

72. Smooth over face after removing a face mask for extra moisture.

73. Use with honey for a daily face wash routine.

74. Dab on lips as a protective lip moisturizer.

75. Make your own hair growth tonic with Jojoba Oil and essential oils.

76. Unclog hair follicles from dead skin, bacteria and inflammation to encourage hair growth since Jojoba Oil is an emollient and anti-bacterial.

77. Use as a natural treatment for dandruff.

78. Use to combat BEARD-DRUFF! That nasty stuff that happens beneath your beard.

79. Apply all over face and neck with an extra drop or two to use as an overnight oil mask.

80. Use Jojoba Oil to take off stubborn stage makeup or Halloween makeup.

81. Put a few drops on an exfoliating pad to remove blackhead dirt.

82. Massage onto legs and arms after shaving to minimize red bumps.

83. Have an oily complexion? It seems counterintuitive but Jojoba Oil is most like our own sebum, or the oil that our faces produce. Using Jojoba Oil will actually diminish your own skin’s overactive oil production.

84. Dab a drop under eyes if undereye makeup cakes up.

85. Replace your vitamin E serum with Jojoba Oil since vitamin E is naturally occurring in it already.

86. Apply to a minor cut for anti-bacterial healing.

87. Jojoba Oil can also be used in treating cold sores and blisters.

88. Some people have had success in treating warts with Jojoba Oil and essential oils, but still remember that warts are contagious according to the health site https://warts.org/are-warts-contagious.html so don't touch them even when they are being treated.

89. Use Jojoba Oil and a bit of dish soap as your makeup brush cleanser.

90. Apply a few drops on your heels, palms and knees before applying sunless tanners to keep from from absorbing into those areas over other skin surfaces.

91. Apply to skin before shaving or waxing, especially legs to make for smoother shaves and softer waxes.

92. Use topically to the surrounding skin if you have an infection that causes your skin to swell. This will diminish the risk of stretch marks, cracking or redness.

93. Mix in with your clay mask for extra antioxidant benefits.

94. Jojoba Oil contains myristic acid which has been known to relieve some arthritis and rheumatism pain.

95. Did you know that Jojoba Oil can also remove waterproof makeup too?

96. Mix Jojoba Oil, and a drop of Frankincense Essential Oil and a drop of Geranium Essential Oil to make a powerful daily antioxidant facial serum.

97. Check with a pediatrician first (always!) but many users have used it to treat diaper rash.

98. Did you know that Jojoba Oil is a natural fungicide? You can use it to help control mildew (gross!).

99. Got a black eye? It’ll swell and get red so apply a few drops before applying a cold compress to protect the skin from the swelling and the change in temperature.

100. Have regular skin infections? Consult with a dermatologist or your regular doctor, of course but Jojoba Oil is a natural antiseptic that doesn’t bring along with it the standard issues with chemical solutions.

What's your favorite way to use Jojoba Oil? Post it in the comments below!

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