Bored With Beauty Adds Leven Rose Jojoba Oil to Their Love List

Bored with Beauty Adds Leven Rose Jojoba Oil to their Beauty Love List

Someone's in love with us - we dig it!

We've been really lucky here at Leven Rose to have the BEST customers. We know, other companies say they have the best ones, but they're just flattering themselves. We'll never tell though.

When we got news that we made Bored With Beauty's Love List, we were honored! Below is her great post on why she digs our Jojoba Oil so much. We edited it only to not angry Mr. Google for duplicate content. You can also read her full, original, unsolicited post at her website here.


Hear the scoop from Tiffany from Bored with Beauty

If you're familiar with my previous posts on skincare, you'll know that I'm absolutely in love with oils! I've used Argan, Almond and Jojoba oils to cleanse and moisturize my skin year-round, but Leven Rose's Jojoba oil is definitely my personal favorite - I'm on my second bottle! I have very, very sensitive skin from head to toe, so I have to be careful wheBored with Beauty Tiffany Reviews Leven Rosen using skincare products.

Most commercial products can leave my skin, red, irritated and cause small rashes and breakouts on my face and body. I cannot use lotion on my body except on my legs and forearms, if used anywhere else it will wreak havoc!  However, using Leven Rose's Jojoba Oil changed everything! 



Jojoba Oil by Leven Rose is the only product that has not me caused any skin issues. In fact, it cleans up the mess left by other products by healing my skin! 

It does not clog pores or cause acne, it helps heal acne naturally without harsh, drying chemicals. This is not just a fact, it really works for me. Jojoba Oil is the closest oil to our natural sebum and it "tricks" our skin into thinking it's already produced enough oil. This helps control our skin from overproducing oil and making our skin greasy.  I stayed in the sun too long last summer and was sunburned! I used their Jojoba Oil on the burn multiple times a day and not only did it heal my burn quickly, but it also soothed the pain and the burn did not peel! When my body finally shed the burned skin, it didn't shed like a reptile. The skin looked very healthy! 



You only need a few drops to moisturize your face, so this product will last you quite a while. To be sure you don't use too much oil, add a few drops to your palm, rub your hands together to warm and thin the oil and pat onto your face for instant moisture. Add more if needed, but always start with just a few drops so that you don't over do it.

If you ever feel "greasy", it's most likely caused by using too much oil. Splash your face with cool water and pat dry with a towel and you should be good to go! When I apply Jojoba to my body, I rub the oil in my palms and then press it into my skin. I then wipe my hands over my skin like applying lotion. Jojoba absorbs into your skin quicker than other oils and is very comfortable (wipe off excess oil with a towel). 



I'm a huge fan of using oils to cleanse my face and Jojoba Oil is fantastic to add to your oil cleansing method mixture or used on it's own! It's also great for removing face makeup.



Not only is Jojoba Oil great for your face and body, you can even use it in your hair. I add a drop or two to my palms, rub my hands together and lightly swipe the oil down the ends of my hair to help with any frizz.

It can also be used as an overnight hair mask! Add oil to your palms, rub together and apply all over your hair. Wear a processing cap over your hair and a place a folded towel on your pillow. Sleep with the Jojoba Oil and processing cap on your hair overnight and wash the next morning for soft hair! It's also a popular oil for beards! Jojoba Oil is amazing for cuticles and extremely dry skin. If you have rough, dry, hands or feet, warm up a few drops of Jojoba in your palms and apply generously. Use moisture gloves or socks overnight and you'll have soft skin the next morning! 



Jojoba Oil by Leven Rose is 100% pure, natural and free of chemicals and GMOs! Their dark amber bottles protect oxidation from happening to the oil and help keep it's potency. This product is not tested on animals and is vegan-friendly!



This little skincare gem costs $13.97 for a 4 fl oz bottle and it'll last a long time (keep in a cool, dark place). You can purchase Leven Rose Jojoba Oil from Amazon but it is also available at, along with their Argan, Pure Emu and Beard oils! Leven Rose also has a 100% money back guarantee!


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Bored With Beauty does reviews on lots of beauty products, and recently was featured on MTV for her video on CandyLips, which is what is rumored to be Kylie Jenner's lip plumping item of choice. We really dig Tiffany, so you should give her a good ol' follow. Read her full article here.

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