All About Kukui Nut Oil

Despite being the state tree of Hawaii, Kukui Trees or Candlenut Trees, are unheard of outside of the beautiful Polynesian region. Well, until lately that is. This unique and extremely historic tree is becoming a household name, especially with the recent surge of popularity in Kukui Oil. What is this oil though? Will this tropical wonder truly give you a beautiful Hawaiian glow? Let us address this uncertainty of what this oil is and clear up some of that up.

First, let's start with some history...

Kukui Nut Trees are mainly found among the sloped mountains of Hawaii for Kukui Oil production.
The Kukui Tree, pronounced as "koo-KOO-ee", is mostly known for its presence among the sloped lush and green mountains of Hawaii. It was first brought to the island from Polynesian visitors and is a symbol for the people of peace, enlightenment, and protection. In the past, Kukui Nuts were used in lanterns and the oil used to for many medicinal purposes. Today, this tree is used for its nuts to be extracted and cold-pressed to make Kukui Nut Oil.

20 Amazing Uses Of Kukui Nut Oil

1. Soothes and softens rough skin - Kukui Oil is deeply penetrable but even more so, this oil creates a barrier on the skin, protecting from further dryness and damage and permits the skin to heal naturally.

2. Kukui Oil prevents scarring when applied to wounds and similarly soothes dry skin which heals scars and activates cell regeneration.

3. Relieves for sunburn.

4. Use this oil as a natural moisturize nightly or each morning. Kukui Nut Oil pairs well as a primer before your makeup because of its lighter consistency.

5. Used for cellulite reduction - just massage onto skin and rough spots. (Also, try Coffee Bean Oil for added help in this area.)

6. Locks in moisture in hair - run through the ends of your hair while still damp to lock in moisture.

7. Protects hair from damage, split ends, and breakage - just combine with shampoo + conditioner during your wash and rinse well.

8. Treats serious skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, etc.

9. Gives the face a natural, dewy glow.

10. Soothing for scalp conditions and helps clear up dandruff!

11. Great addition for massage oils - ancient Hawaiians would add this for massages that lasted UP TO SEVEN HOURS!

12. A natural de-frizzer for your hair.

13. Used by Hawaiian's for centuries to soothe baby's skin - see pediatrician before trying any product on children.

14. Smooth onto skin to even out complexion and skin tone.

15. Can be used as a gentle make up remover and will nourish the tender skin around your eyes, leaving it smooth and soft.

16. Helps relieve itchy, irritated skin from bug bites, scars, or infections.

17. Use in hair before styling to protect from heat damage. Just use a small amount on your fingertips and smooth onto the ends of your hair!

18. As this oil is deeply nourishing, it acts as a great nightly lip moisturizer to helped with dry and cracked skin. (Use with caution when there is a chance of ingesting any oil).

19. Helps balance out skin's natural oil production.

20. Acts as a great carrier oil to mix with essential oils. Since this oil is very lightly scented it is great to mix with!

Try these out & let us know what you love about Kukui below!

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