Apple Seed Oil Recipes

Two Amazing Apple Seed Oil Recipes

Remember that incredible country apple scent mom used to have throughout the house growing up? Hand wash, candles, wall plug-ins? Well, our new Apple Seed Oil smells just like that and it is incredible. This new organic and natural oil is high in antioxidants and cancer fighting agents plus it is best used to keep skin soft and hydrated. This oil is a great healer and tightens skin all while clearing up breakouts. Apple Seed Oil is so sweet and delicious (not that we recommend eating it) that we decided to create two recipes for you to try tonight for clear skin and smooth hands.

Apple Cinnamon Face Mask

Honey + Oat for Apple Seed Oil Recipes
 This mask is amazing. It is refreshing and cooling and will leave your skin feeling smooth. Just whip up this super simple recipe and put on your face for ten minutes. This oil should not drip but if the mask feels too chunky for you, you can blend your oats first for a lighter mask. Prep time with this mask is only 5 minutes.

Apple Sugar Scrub

This sugar scrub gives smooth, soft, and sweet smelling hands, just like you always wanted! If you put too much olive oil, it might mask the Apple Seed Oil scent but it is a great additive to help the scrub go on a little smoother. If you don't mind though, less olive oil is more in this situation. This scrub really is perfect for satin hands and can be used throughout the body and on the face to help with rough patches. Just be sure to use gently!

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