How to Use Beard Balm & Wax

How to Use Beard Balm and Beard Wax

No need to scratch your beard to figure out why you’re here.

Regardless if you just heard of Beard Balm and Beard Wax, or you’re a seasoned vet in using both, the following shot of manly info will help you make your beard look and feel even more amazing than it already is. Hard to believe, but true.

Ingrown beard hairs can cause pain and reddening but often men will leave them, thinking it is a pimple or that it will go away with time. You can use a Home waxing kit for hair removal to remove any ingrown hairs, these ingrown hairs can become infected and lead to scarring.

DON’T pull out ingrown hairs from the tip of the hair or avoid pulling out ingrown hairs.

DO take out such a hair with a sterilized tweezer as soon as you notice it. Barber Nick Wendel of The Blind Barber, an acclaimed New York City establishment, advises softening the offending hair with a warm cloth and rubbing it with alcohol and then pulling the hair out from the bottom so it comes out in one piece

Beard Balm and Beard Wax, alongside Beard Oil form the essential trio for grooming products for your beard. Every well-groomed beard out there has a daily encounter with at least one of those products, while many great beards benefit from all three products.

While with Beard Oil things are quite clear, there is sometimes a confusion between Beard Balm and Beard Wax. Although both have beeswax as one of their ingredients, these two grooming products serve slightly different purposes.

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How to use Beard Balm

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Beard Balm comes in a tin and is a thick but pliable consistency. Think of Beard Balm as a mild styling agent and as a way to nourish your beard and skin.

  • Just like conditioner for your hair, a little goes a long way, and the best technique is to take a small amount and apply it to your beard evenly using your fingers or a Beard Comb or Boar Bristle Beard Brush.
  • Keep applying tiny amounts of balm until your beard looks at its best and feels soft and strong to touch.
  • Try to not put too much beard balm at once because it runs the risk of getting too greasy since it's a leave-in conditioner and not a dry oil like the Beard Oil.
  • The best time to apply Beard Balm is right after a shower or after washing your face because your skin is moist and tends to absorb more of the ingredients that will assuage your beard itchiness.

A good beard balm should be made without fillers, additives, or parabens. Natural oils such as Olive oil, Coconut oil, Argan oil and Jojoba oil are trademarks of a quality Beard Balm.

As previously mentioned, a Beard Balm should also relieve the feeling of itchiness, besides nourishing and giving a nice contour to your beard.

Why does your skin gets itchy?

It’s all due to the sebaceous glands that create a natural oil called sebum which acts as a coating agent for your hair follicles and skin, while your beard grows. Yet, while the facial hair grows and turns into a handsome beard, the amount of sebum secreted by your sebaceous glands remains constant, causing the your skin to become dry and itchy.

Simply said, your sebaceous glands just can’t secrete enough sebum to keep up with your beard. That's where Beard Balm and Beard Oil get involved. Beard Balm and Beard Wax are the team that keeps it shaped and smooth.

Beard Balms condition your skin to keep it healthy while the extra moisture will prevent itching. Always choose a product that contains a healthy mixture of all-natural oils that will complete your sebum generation.

How to use Beard Wax

Leven Rose Beard Wax in 2 oz Tin Fragrance Free
Beard Wax also comes in a tin and has a thicker consistency than Beard Balm. There is no certain rule about it, since Beard Wax is used as a styling agent for your beard and every beard is different.

Still, just like Beard Balm, you might want to take it in steps when applying Beard Wax for the first time.

  • Take a little on your fingers (you may need to heat it in your pocket a little to make it pliable) and spread it through your beard, while giving shape to your beard in the same time.
  • Repeat the process until you are satisfied with the result. At the end, your beard should look smooth and still keep the appearance of a natural look.
  • Beard Wax is also used by moustache lovers as a way to give an extravagant shape to their facial hair, or by those who prefer to turn their beard into works of art.

For the latter category, the quantity of Beard Wax used can be quite astounding. Nothing to worry about though, since genuine Beard Wax is all-natural, your skin will stay healthy even if your beard becomes art.

Which should you choose?

It all depends on your purpose and also on the size of your beard. Some beards enjoy both, especially if you're sporting a mustache too.

  • If you have a shorter, scruffier beard and you need a product that will tend to your skin and moisturize and condition your beard, Beard Balm is the way to go.
  • If you have a longer beard and you need to keep it visually appealing, Beard Wax should be your choice. Add Beard Balm as a ruly beard managing leave-in conditioner and Beard Oil as the first base if itchiness and irritation tend to be a problem. PrimitiveOutpost has a great selection of beard waxes.

At the end of the day, the beard grooming products you use are your choice. You are a man’s man and no article in the world will determine you to do one thing or the other.

Just remember that behind every great beard there’s a great, all natural grooming product.

Bearded Tip

Here’s an easy way to remember the different uses of Beard Oil, Balm and Wax:

  • Beard Oil helps with beard growth at the base of the follicle
  • Beard Balm helps with conditioner, nourishment and shape
  • Beard Wax helps shape a wild beard into a tamed beast


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