Natural Hair Tips for Dry or Damaged Hair

Treat Split Ends and Damaged Hair Naturally

Dry hair isn't exactly healthy. It is more susceptible to damage, and that damage can appear everywhere from the hair shaft to the living root. Your damaged hair can be more uncontrollable, break more often, and even fall out more quickly than healthy locks.

Natural beauty oils have a dual benefit here: They moisturize your hair and they nourish the root. Natural oils also improve hair and scalp health without the harsh consequences of conventional hair care products, such as chemical exposure and risk of irritation. Use the following tips to turn your hair from dingy to gorgeous, boosting confidence at the same time.


Does your shampoo create tons of suds? Chances are, it's full of damaging sulfates, which can strip your natural oils and contribute to dullness and damage. The safer and healthier approach is to use an all-natural shampoo without sulfates, parabens and other harsh chemicals. Plus, unless your hair is abnormally greasy, consider washing no more than every other day.

Add three to four drops of Emu Oil to your conditioner for an instant boost. This oil has a high percentage of essential fatty acids and absorbs through multiple skin layers, encouraging hair growth. Finish with a toning after-shower rinse of Rose Water Toner. Simply mist on and don't wash out.

Carrot Seed Oil for Healthy Hair

Special Treatments for Damaged Hair

Deeper treatments, such as an invigorating pre-shower scalp massage, can rejuvenate follicles, balance oils and moisturize your scalp. Combine Carrot Seed Oil and Jojoba Oil, using two to three drops of each and massaging for one minute.

For a warm oil treatment, apply five to six drops of ultra-hydrating Jamaican Black Castor Oil to your hair and wrap snugly in a towel. Rinse it off after two hours, and consider weekly treatments.

Sometimes, premature graying can be another side effect of unhealthy, damaged hair. To help slow down graying, make sure your diet is high in nutrients and minerals such as iron, zinc, and vitamins D and B12. You can also massage essential oils mixed with Argan or Jojoba Oil onto your scalp. Rosemary, lavender and sage are great essential oils to use to boost hair production. Plus they smell fantastic!

Grooming and Styling

Hair dryers, although convenient, can do a number on your hair. Add a few drops of Argan Oil beforehand to naturally condition without adding weight, and keep the heat setting on low. Make sure you properly brush your hair, I suggest using these tools

Now we should talk brushes. Skip the plastic, which can lead to snags and hair breakage, and go for natural boar bristles or wood bristles that distribute oils, don't generate static, and give you a lovely head massage in the process. Also, grant your hair a day off on occasion, and opt for a loose bun or braid instead.

Thanks to natural oils and some lifestyle changes, you can achieve the shiny, lustrous hair you've always wanted.


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