Scented Beard Oils Arrive for No Shave November



Here, today, we formally announce our Scented Beard Oil line. And just in time for No Shave November - also know in the bearded community as Movember.

For your beard pleasure, you can now choose from:

These awesome blends avoid the one-dimensional nature of other scented beard oils to keep you smelling like a man. For those who don't like having appealing manly aromas, our unscented Beard Oil still reigns supreme.

Got an unruly beard?

Get scented up with the beard oil and finish it with our fragrance free Beard Balm for additional shaping. Together, they take beard grooming to a whole new level.

Leven Rose Beard Oils only contain natural ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil and essential oils. We don't use any fragrances, perfumes or fillers.

Why use Beard Oil?

Beard Oil keeps your beard-ruff (beard + dandruff = beard-ruff) at bay during your autumn growing season. When you massage it to the base of your beard, it supports your hair follicles to help your beard grow fuller without as much patchiness.

It also minimizes breakage and conditions your beard for easier combing and shaping. And it makes it softer for being close to other people.

How to Apply Beard Oil

With beard oil, you want to wash your face and beard and pat dry. Take a few drops of beard oil in your palm and work to your fingers.

Massage the beard oil to the base of your beard all around your cheeks and chin. Then pull the oil through your beard and smooth throughout to get even coverage.

Enter the combing and brushing.

Beard Brushes & Combs, oh my . . .

Use a bamboo wood beard comb like ours or a boar bristle beard brush to break up any other dry skin and pull the oil through your beard. It gives even conditioning while also opening up your hair follicles for maximum growing.

Plus it makes you look smooth. This is a good time to follow up with some beard balm to give added shape.

We're excited to hear what you think of these new oils! What scent type should we come up with next? Or do you have another product that you think we should carry?

Leave us your feedback in the comments below!

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