Three Must-Have Floral Toners to Balance pH

The summer is in full swing which means long pool days and a beautiful glowing tan. While we all love the sun, that also means your skin is exposed to some harsh conditions. Your skin is taking a beating from all of that sun, sand, and chorine. This is when dark spots begin to develop. What you need to get back beautiful skin tone and balance pH are on of these natural floral waters.

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Floral toners naturally regulate pH and even skin tone.
Floral toners naturally regulate pH and even skin tone.[/caption]

These natural floral toners are filled with nutrients and NOT filled with harsh chemicals and alcohol. They restore your skin naturally by evening skin tone and adding back in lost moisture. Here are three amazing floral toners to try.

These Floral Toners Will Restore Your Sun Damaged Skin

1. Rose Water - This floral toner comes from Morocco and has been used for centuries for skin care remedies. It contains nutrients like Vitamins A, C, D and E and also reduces bacteria on skin, decreases inflammation, and simultaneously hydrates and soothes the skin. Use Rose Water as a makeup remover, aftershave, eye brightener, face refresher.

2. Orange Blossom Water - Neroli Water comes from the Orange Blossom Tree which is native to China. This toner has a powerful and refreshing floral or citrus scent. Aromatherapists actually recommend using this oil in cases of shock, anxiety, stress and adrenal exhaustion. Orange Blossom Water Toner is antibacterial and can be used to help clear up acne and breakouts on skin.

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Historically, Cleopatra used this Rose Water Floral Toner to tone and cleanse her skin.
Historically, Cleopatra used this Rose Water Floral Toner to tone and cleanse her skin.[/caption]

3. Lavender Water - Lavender is known for its anxiety reducing properties. This floral toner is one in the same. Not only will it remedy uneven skin tone and signs of aging but it relaxes and calms the mind as well. Lavender Water is also especially beneficial for stings and blemishes. On top of it all, you can also use this toner to help fight against bacterial infections.

How To Use Floral Toners

For each of these toners, they can be stored in your bathroom or you can store in the fridge. When applying, soak onto cotton ball and rub across clean skin to cool, cleanse and refresh. After, apply additional moisturizer if necessary.

These floral toners are the remedy to all of your summer 'fun'.

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