Why You Should Add Natural Serums to Your Beauty Routine

How to Revitalize Your Skin with Natural Beauty Serums

Serums should moisturize and nourish the skin in an intense age-fighting way. High quality serums contain strong doses of active nutrients that we blended to deliver maximum results, and the best of them are free of fillers.

By including serums in your daily beauty routine, you're turbo boosting your skin's natural vitality and radiance with powerful blends. 

Each serum listed below has been developed to improve skin from morning to night - specially formulated to maximize the naturally-occurring benefits of each individual natural ingredient to work powerfully together.

Why Use Natural Serums?

Serums are important in a beauty routine because they pack a powerful punch of age-fighting benefits while still allowing your skin to breathe.

  • It used to be really common to coat your face at night with heavy creams. The shame about that, that we've since learned, is that heavy creams limit your skin's ability to breathe at night to get much needed oxygen.
  • And in the morning, there were heavy skin products that were really common, but the first layer on the skin was almost always chemically-laden.
  • Instead, with all natural serums, you can protect and heal your skin, give a base layer of natural ingredients that your skin will recognize, and moisturize while continuing with your normal routine. All you'll notice are the positive benefits!

Argan Morning Serum

Keep your skin dewey and bright each morning by applying Argan Morning Serum daily.

Pomegranate Seed Oil - This serum also includes Pomegranate Seed Oil. A study at the Medical College of Virginia found that this oil activates production of the protein collagen, which tightens the skin while minimizing wrinkling.

Rosehip Seed Oil - Rosehip Seed Oil contains B-carotene and vitamins A, E, D, and C which fight free radicals that will damage skin and cause premature aging.

Macadamia Nut Oil - Macadamia Nut Oil contains a rare antioxidant named squalene that naturally occurs in our bodies to reverse and prevent sun damage. Applied to skin, this oil will boost the antioxidant power of the body, reversing and preventing damage and aging.

Argan Oil - Argan Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Carrot Seed Oil, and more make this the perfect for mornings where you need something light and easily absorbable with protection from free radicals, dirt, and pollutants in the air that can cause skin issues.

Argan Morning Serum can offer you a degree of protection from the sun and can keep your skin moist as well.

As Dr. Leslie S. Baumann, a dermatologist at the University of Miami School of Medicine, explained in an article, researchers have discovered that Argan Oil can hold water within the epidermis, the thin surface layer of the skin, so it doesn't evaporate.

Jojoba Oil - Jojoba Oil naturally seals and protects skin from bacteria, dirt, and other pollutants that your skin will encounter throughout the day.

Kiwi Seed Oil We also added Kiwi Seed Oil to our morning serum because it has the highest vegetarian source of linoleic acid - an ingredient that will heal skin and reduce wrinkles as well as facilitate the absorption of other active ingredients in the serum.

Carrot Seed Oil - Carrot Seed Oil contains carotenoids, which is well-known to be UV-protectant, and will boost the SPF of any sunscreen you choose to apply after using the morning serum.

Cucumber Seed Oil - Containing phytosterols which promotes the health of the skin's barrier, this oil prevents infection, fungus, and acne.

Blueberry Seed Oil - Blueberry Seed Oil contains Omega-3 fatty acids which is an intensive moisturizer.

Calendula Oil - is known to heal damaged skin, soothe irritation, and smooth skin tone due to it's anti-inflammatory properties. It's the extra healing boost your skin needs to prepare for the day.

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil - With a high concentration of Vitamin C and over 190 nutrients and phytonutrients, this oil naturally nourishes and boosts the health of your skin.

Geranium - Geranium Essential Oil will help prevent breakouts and reduce inflammation and redness. The natural floral scent gently awakens you to a beautiful morning.


  • Gain a naturally brighter, clearer complexion
  • Naturally stimulates collagen and elastin
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Mild daily SPF protection as a first layer of sun defense


  • Our unique blend of these oils in the Argan Morning Serum will prevent bacteria from entering the epidermis and fights UV radiation in multiple ways.
  • Apply daily to protect your skin from UV damage and lock in moisture with powerful anti-aging properties for reducing dark spots and wrinkles.
  • After you wake up, cleanse your face with Jojoba Oil to gently remove dirt and bacteria built up during your sleep. Then rinse with warm water and tone with 24K Gold Rose Water.
  • When done cleansing and toning your skin, rub 2-4 drops of Argan Morning Serum on your face to brighten skin, smooth skin tone, reduce redness, and protect skin from further damage.

Coffee Eye Lift Serum

Coffee Eye Lift Serum reduces bags, wrinkles and discolored spots around the eyes. It also firms the skin in that area, giving you a perkier morning complexion.

Coffee Bean Oil - Coffee Bean Oil, Green Coffee Bean Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Rosehip Oil, Argan Oil, and Watercress Oil work together in this potent formula to brighten skin, reduce swelling, increase collagen production to lift eyes, and heal damaged skin cells.

Its components include Coffee Bean Oil, which acts as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are capable of restoring and mending human tissues, as well as blocking the harmful effects of free radicals. Damaged dark circles under your eyes will be revitalized with this serum.

Dr. Howard Fein, a Harbor-UCLA Medical Center dermatologist and surgeon, is just one expert who's publicly endorsed coffee as a cosmetic ingredient, particularly since caffeine can constrict blood vessels. And, when a smaller amount of blood goes into a person's skin, redness will dissipate and swelling will go down.

Pomegranate Seed Oil - Pomegranate Seed Oil reduces swelling in the skin through naturally-occurring flavonoids.

Rosehip Seed Oil - Containing anti-oxidants which reverse and prevent skin damage, this is the perfect oil to apply to the delicate skin underneath the eye area.

Argan Oil - Gently moisturizing and full of nourishing vitamin E, antioxidants, and fatty acids, this oil will help the skin under your eye retain moisture and gently repair skin.

Green Coffee Bean Oil - Green Coffee Bean Oil was tested by Brazilian scientists and it was discovered that collagen production 2 times as much as the control group and elastin production had increased by 1.5 times, causing skin to reduce in wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging.

Watercress Seed Oil -  A naturally healing and moisturizing oil that can treat eczema, psoriasis, or other inflammatory conditions, this oil brightens dark circles under the eye area caused by inflammation.


  • Reduces eye puffiness and under eye bags
  • Reverses UV damage for anti-aging benefits
  • Brightens tired eyes and get a perkier complexion
  • Renews skin by fighting free radicals and boosts elastin
  • Reduces dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin with natural caffeine


  • Formulated to brighten and reduce swelling in the eye area, this Coffee Eye Lift Serum is made from completely natural ingredients that each play an important role in brightening, protecting, healing, and lifting the fine skin under the eye. Apply daily to cleansed skin around the eye area to fight sagging skin and dark circles.
  • Use one drop on your finger to gently dab on the skin under each eye. To prevent damaging the delicate skin and and apply less pressure, use your ring finger.
  • Apply twice daily (morning and night) to naturally firm tired skin, reduce fine lines, and lighten under eye bags for a brighter, more youthful, perkier appearance.

Rosehip Night Serum

Your skin needs to rest and renew during your sleep but you don't want something that sits on top of your skin that doesn't allow air to breathe. Rosehip Night Serum can dramatically renew your face and neck and is rich and intensely moisturizing.

Natural Rosehip Night Serum by Leven Rose
Rosehip Seed Oil - This serum features Rosehip Seed Oil, which contains fatty acids that hydrate the skin and vitamin C that makes it more flexible. Rosehip Seed Oil has undergone medical studies that have found significant results for the effectiveness Rosehip Seed Oil in repairing damaged skin.

The famed herbalist David Hoffmann has noted that the Vitamin C in Rosehip is especially potent. Hoffmann has described how Rosehip's store of this vitamin strengthens the immune system and counteracts free radicals, particles that can damage cells and ultimately age skin.

Jojoba Oil - Jojoba Oil, Maracuja Oil, and Lavender Essential Oil are just some of the ingredients in the night serum. Because Jojoba Oil is chemically similar to sebum - our skin's naturally produced oil - it is easily absorbable and intensely moisturizing. The Myristic Acid in Jojoba Oil make it anti-inflammatory, perfect for skin with blemishes, stress acne, irritation, redness, or sunburn.

Pomegranate Seed Oil - Our evening serum also contains Pomegranate Seed Oil which stimulates keratinocytes, an epidermal cell that produces anti-aging, antioxidant keratin.

Carrot Seed Oil - The addition of this oil to the evening serum boosts both the Vitamin A and Carotene content, both of which are anti-aging and reparative.

Raspberry Seed Oil - The high percentage of alpha linolenic acid in Red Raspberry Seed Oil makes it intensely anti-inflammatory and reduces wrinkles.

Maracuja Oil - Maracuja Oil has powerful healing and skin-renewal properties due to the lycopene in the oil. Lycopene is a potent anti-oxidant that can prevent further skin damage and even reverse skin damage done by the sun. Passion Fruit Seed Oil (or Maracuja Oil) is also well known to encourage sleep.

Tomato Seed Oil - Contains the potent anti-aging nutrient Vitamin E which intensely moisturizes the skin and prevents fine lines and wrinkles.

Watercress Seed Oil - The high content of Vitamin C in this oil boosts skin cell production and reduces wrinkles.

Calendula Oil - An impressive healing oil that is used to reduce pain and to promote healing of wounds, redness, and itching.

Lavender Essential Oil - Lavender Essential Oil is well-known for its antibacterial, healing properties and soothing aroma. When bacteria encounters the surface of the skin, it can cause breakouts. Lavender Essential Oil acts as a protectant from bad bacteria within the skin.

Together, these oils make an intense and deeply nourishing evening serum that will heal skin and treat redness and irritation.


  • Powerful anti-inflammatory anti-aging fighting combo heals overnight
  • Stimulates collagen and elastin for firmer skin
  • Reduces dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles
  • Deep overnight intensive moisture wakes you up dewy and refreshed


  • In the evening, use several drops of Jojoba Oil to gently remove makeup. Follow with your favorite skin cleanser or just rinse with warm water and pat dry. Apply soothing Lavender Water to treat any redness and tone your face.
  • After cleansing your skin for the evening, gently apply 2-4 drops of the Rosehip Night Serum to your skin to heal your skin and to lock in moisture.
  • Use any of these serums in conjunction with your regular moisturizer or on its own. Once you begin a serum routine, it shouldn't be long before you notice positive differences in your skin.

Why Choose Leven Rose?

It's important, when choosing your beauty routine options, to choose products that you can trust. We believe in . . .

  • No parabens
  • No phthalates
  • No chemicals
  • No fillers
  • No GMOs
  • No alcohol
  • No artificial ingredients

We believe in testing the products ourselves and never on animals. If we don't love it, you'll never see it. ; )


Based in Colorado, Leven Rose offers an expanding natural beauty line that includes the #1 Jojoba Oil on Amazon, Argan Oil, Cold-Pressed Rosehip Oil, Natural Pomegranate Oil, Moroccan Rose Water, Watercress Oil, and more.



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