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What People Are Saying About Us...

Michelle Larkins

Natural with my daily SPF!

"I could not be happier with my Leven Rose oils. I use the Jojoba and Argan oils for my hair and face, and the results in just a few short weeks have been amazing. I live in a dry climate, and my curls are bouncy, shiny, and soft to the touch! Same with my skin, vital moisture without the shine or grease, and these products work well with my daily SPF application."
~ Michelle Larkins
Kristin Parks

Red, dry spots are gone!

"If my kids have dry patches anywhere on their skin, I rub some Rosehip Seed Oil in, and within hours the red, dry spots are gone. I recently started using it as a night moisturizer and I love it! My skin does not break out, feels quenched and my skin tone has never been more even. Once you start using it, you won't know how you ever lived without it!"
~ Kristin Parks
Susan Sanders

Great on my sensitive skin!

"I’m always looking for chemical-free skincare options, and the Rosehip Oil does a great job brightening my complexion and softening the dreaded crow’s feet. And as someone with incredibly sensitive skin, I’m happy to report that it hasn’t irritated my face at all. Huzzah!! This is a huge win."
~ Susan Sanders
Jeff Arnold

This Beard Oil is great!

"I've used other beard oils before and I've really liked the value and quality of this one. The dropper makes it a lot easier to use too. I put a little in my beard to keep it soft and then finish the rest off in my hair."
~ Jeff Arnold