5 Beard Tips from Hollywood Stalwart Chris Pine

5 Beard Tips from Hollywood Stalwart Chris Pine

When it comes to maintaining your beard, regular and good grooming practices are what truly make the difference.

Keeping a beard, in many ways, gives people a glimpse of your character, demeanor, self-assurance, and even style. As you look for fine examples of men who know what beard care is all about, American actor Chris Pine is a great candidate for whom you can heed advice from.

Here are his five tips for beard maintenance.

Use Beard Oil Regularly

Looking good means your beard is clean and presentable at all times especially when you travel. In an interview with W Magazine, the 37-year-old actor reveals that argan oil is an important part of his travel kit essentials.

Argan oil is known to have qualities that ward off skin ailments like acne and psoriasis, while it can also keep your facial hair moisturized. Just like Pine, it is imperative to consistently keep a certain indispensable beard routine no matter where you go.

Comb Your Beard

If you think you don’t have to comb your beard and just let it be, you’re mistaken. Beard combing can help you avoid ingrowing hairs if you thoroughly apply balms, oil, and other products of your preference.

In the same W Magazine interview, Pine notes that, like argan oil, a beard brush is another important piece of grooming kit to carry around.

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Let It Grow

Here on Leven Rose we recommend growing out your beard for at least a month to make sure you have the desired length and volume. This will help the beard look more connected and less patchy.

Apparently, this is what Chris Pine loves about the whole thing and the one straightforward reason to why he prefers the unshaven look.

Pine revealed to Allure: “I like beards and the ease of them.”

Be Confident

If there is one attribute that goes with Chris Pine, it is confidence. Growing a beard takes a level of confidence as it can take a while for it to come to fruition and can be tricky to maintain. It takes a confident man to really own a beard.

Pine told People Style that having a beard means being comfortable in one's skin: “I find the ritual of shaving very relaxing, but for every day, it’s pretty irritating on my skin, so I like having the definition a beard gives.”

Chris Pine Beard
This confidence that Pine exudes is reflected in the roles he plays on screen. This is most notable in his role as Captain James Kirk in the rebooted Star Trek film series.

While the character is one of science fiction’s most self-assured characters, Pine also had to have the confidence to step into the shoes of previous Kirk, William Shatner. To get a sense of the task that Pine took on you only have to look at the impact the series has had on popular culture.

Star Trek is one of the very few sci-fi franchises to not only last as long as it has (it celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016), but to also cross over into multiple entertainment mediums. It is a franchise that is constantly reinventing itself for new audiences. Star Trek Red Alert which is available on gaming portal Slingo takes famous elements of the Original Series and updates them for modern gaming, in the same way that Pine’s Trek films did in the film industry.

In many ways, Captain Kirk's confidence in himself is similar to how Pine carries his beard and has managed his career.

Gray Is Good

Follow Pine’s lead: when you see white hairs in your beard, be proud.

Pine also stressed to People Style that he has zero qualms about white hairs in his beard: “I’m enjoying the aging process and the gray hair and the wrinkles,” he says. “I have some white hairs coming in, so that gives it different colors, I guess. But, quite honestly, it’s just really f-king easy.”

So don’t be too quick to dye your beard, rather give it time and appreciate its unique character.

Need more hints on beard styling and more? Check out our blog on daily beard care.


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