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    Layton McGuire Gives His Honest Review of His Leven Rose Beard Oil

    Not sure if you've met or heard of Layton before - he's getting to be well-known in the midwest music scene and now has an album on iTunes. We dig him and he seems to be a genuinely nice guy.

    We have to say, we also like his BEARD. I mean, he kept sending us photos of it and we think it's pretty sweet, you might say. He's even been beard modeling - we hadn't spoken directly with someone who had been in that business yet. So, rock on for beards!

    We were chatting that he'd just bought our Beard Oil on Amazon just a week or so prior along with some other products and wanted to give us his honest scoop on what he finds. We were especially thrilled because he found us and thought we should dedicate a blog post to him. He seems like a swell guy and here's what he and his beard thought of our Beard Oil:

    Leven Rose's beard oil has been such a treat. The first thing I've noticed after using it for some time is that the tips on the end of my beard hair no longer as hard and scratchy, but soft and flexible. The tips of my beard hair also no longer feel dry but healthy and rich.

    My beard overall is much softer and more pliable than before. The oil gives the beard a nice shine. I love how applying the oil to my finger tips allows me to get into the deep thick part of my beard where moisture is most needed. I highly recommend this product to any man with a beard.

    "If you love your beard, prove it!" Definitely an essential tool in taking care of your beard.

    Just a few days later, he messaged us again with another happy quote to leave us with - "My beard is incredibly soft now!".

    We're so stoked! Thanks, Layton!

    Oh, and check out his album on iTunes: and give his stuff a listen, a purchase and a share.

    Beard on!

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