5 Steps To Naturally Tone Your Skin

Naturally Tone Your Skin with These 5 Steps

Sunshine is a beautiful thing - the Vitamin D your body produces makes you feel happier and is actually super healthy for you. Plus, everyone loves a little summertime glow. Unfortunately, the sun isn't always so great for the skin, especially when it comes to your complexion and tone. Overexposure to the sun will cause sun spots, dry out your skin and cause wrinkles, and the sweat produced from all that heat clogs up your pores, creating more acne. Yikes!

For the majority of us sun lovers, we forget to treat our summer skin with extra love. We wash, we rinse, and if we are feeling extra proactive, we add on some sunscreen before we head out the door. What we don’t realize is that we are missing some important steps in the beauty routine that will help balance out all of the damage the sun (and makeup and dirt and stress) is doing to your beautiful, baby-like skin tone. Here are some simple steps to add to your routine to keep your complexion even and skin looking fabulous.

Five Steps To Evening Skin Tone

Add mint or lemon to your water for extra goodness and even skin tone!

1. Drink LOTS of water - you really need to be drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day (or half your body weight). This step is number one and non-negotiable. Without proper water intake, your pores actually increases in size and your skin will be dry and dull. All of which will diminish that beautiful tone you are shooting for. So, go buy yourself a fancy water bottle and drink up. It will be worth it.

2. Use sunscreen daily - this might be a no-duh-tip for some, but for others, especially those with naturally tanned skin, this is a step lots of folks skip. Adding in a natural sunscreen each morning to keep from sunspots occurring is vital. Even when you aren't getting burned, the sun is still making its mark on your body, especially in the summer (or year-round for areas with higher elevation). Each morning, before applying makeup, add a light a natural oil with UV protectant properties, like Carrot Seed Oil, as a base and for extra UV protection. Finish with a natural sunscreen to protect from sun spots and damage.

3. Exfoliate each night - make sure to exfoliate to really cleanse your skin, stimulate your cells, and clear out residue from makeup and all that sunscreen you will be using. :)

4. Pamper yourself with a weekly mask - try this each week to soak your skin with rich nutrients like this blueberry homemade face mask. A rich face mask will restore your skin, clear all the junk that is clogging your pores, and build up your skin with rich nutrients to help protect it from the dry and harsh effects of the sun. This should restore, refresh, and give your face a beautiful glow.

5. Use a natural toner daily - this is especially important for those with oily-prone skin. A natural face toner, like Lavender Water  or Neroli Water, will balance the skin’s natural production of sebum, minimize pores, regulate pH, and prep the skin for your moisturizer or makeup. Most important though - it tones your skin and balances out dark spots + sun spots. Hallelujah!

Now that you are convinced of the steps you should take to tone your skin each day, let's stress this one final fact - finding a natural toner/mask/exfoliator is unbelievably important! A lot of products, especially toners, contain alcohol or added fragrances which can strip your skin and cause even more damage. Also, your skin actually absorbs 60% of what you put on it - which is crazy! That means that whatever you put on your skin is going to enter your bloodstream & your body. Try a homemade facial toner with natural ingredients, use a natural oil, or make sure to check the labels of what you are using!

The great news is - even skin tone is possible, despite acne attacks and days at the beach. YAY! The key though is knowing the steps to take and what type of care to give your skin.

Try these steps out & let us know what you think in the comments below!

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