How Can Your Workout Help You Grow a Bigger Beard?

Grow a Bigger Beard with Exercise

Maintaining a manly mane is a trademark of the modern alpha male.

A beard radiates confidence, demands respect and admiration, and highlights your debonair personality to the rest of the world. Additionally, a well-kept beard is the perfect addition to any clothing ensemble, able to bring a business suit to a completely new level, and turn every head at a casual Friday night out.

While nurturing and maintaining beard quality, shape and shine with a careful selection of products is a must, you want to maximize its growth and thickness potential by using natural means you have at your disposal.

Plenty of lifestyle choices and factors will affect the growth and structure of your facial hair, and while genetics is something you cannot change, you can certainly influence it with a few simple, yet effective lifestyle habits.

The effect of exercise in beard growth

While nutrition and proper recovery also play their roles in beard growth, it is regular physical exercise that will be the key determining factor deciding on the growth rate, structure, and quality of your mane.

More on nutrition and sleep a bit later, for now, let’s stick to exercise. Physical activity is recognized by the scientific community as a rare natural testosterone boosters, as regular exercise prompts production of the male hormone responsible for maintaining almost every healthy function in your body - including growing a thicker beard.

The premise is quite simple: testosterone is directly correlated with hair thickness and growth, as well as being beneficial to skin quality, shine and supporting a vibrant complexion to complement your facial hair.

People of all ages can benefit from physical exercise in numerous ways, and in case you are not the fitness type, you will want to ease into your workout regime and get familiar with the basics of exercise, learning how to maximize the health benefits of your training split one day at a time.

Training options to choose

No matter the training method you opt for, whether it is running, cycling, pumping iron or free climbing, you want to always adhere to the following rule that will allow you to constantly promote beard growth: progressive overload.

Progressive overload simply means that you want to present your body with new, bigger challenges every week in order to make it grow, increase testosterone production, and thus become stronger and healthier.

Additionally, you want to choose the right exercises to help you achieve your bearded goals in a shorter amount of time. Movements that are multi-joint and multi-functional, involving the lower body predominantly, are excellent exercises for boosting your testosterone production.

These exercises include:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Jumps
  • Glute bridges
  • Deadlifts

Moreover, not only are lower body exercises, paired with upper body training, beneficial for testosterone production and beard growth, they are also extremely important for your overall health and wellbeing.

Don’t forget to utilize challenging movements for maximum testosterone levels, nervous system strength, muscle growth and bone density.

Nutrition and recovery

The final pieces of the beard-growing puzzle are proper rest and a healthy diet.

Sleep plays a pivotal role in body regeneration, helping your muscles recover, boosting your immune system, and promoting healthy bodily functions by spiking your HGH (human growth hormone) levels and allowing you to maintain peak testosterone levels throughout the day.

Likewise, nutrition is also a crucial element that will increase the effectiveness of your workouts and promote a healthy lifestyle. A balanced, protein-rich diet free of any junk foods, processed meats, sweets or condiments restricts estrogen production and increases your testosterone levels in addition to your training regime.

You can easily calculate your daily macronutrient needs via an online calculator, allowing you to tailor your diet around healthy foods and develop a strong physique to complement the length, health, density and thickness of your new beard.

Everyone wants to grow a strong, shiny beard worthy of a Viking himself, however many people feel discouraged to pursue their dreams because they believe they do not have what it takes to live a true beardsman’s lifestyle.

While genetics will play a significant role in the growth and quality of your beard, you can dramatically influence it by following these guidelines, thus increasing your natural potential to grow a bigger beard and achieving your dreams.

So get off your butt, grab some weights and give your beard the fuel it needs to grow thick and strong!


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