In Defense Of The Summer Beard - 5 Ways To Keep It Growing

Put Down Your Razor And Read This!

Let’s be real, beards are NOT on their way out. Warmer weather is just around the corner and because of that, people across the web world are predicting the end of the ‘beard era’. What they don’t realize is just how important keeping that beard in the summer is. Facial hair is actually healthy! It protects your face from from strong UV rays and has been scientifically proven to keep infections at bay.

While your friends are shaving off their man-manes, you should be pulling out all your tricks to thickening those facial locks and keeping your beard fresh, despite the heat of the summer. At Leven Rose, we have come across some tools to helping you guys accomplish those #beardgoals.

1. Keep your face clean

Wash your beard weekly with all natural soap

Most guys out there don’t even condition the hair on their head, so why in the world would they go as far as to give their beard the full spa treatment? Well, in order to love your beard all summer, your face and hair follicles need to be kept clean. If you have the full beard, give it a good wash with sulfate-free shampoo to keep it from drying out and follow up with a conditioner. If you have a shorter stubble, a simple facial exfoliant will do the trick. By washing your face, you will stimulate your hair follicles, creating more growth. Also, for an extra cleanse, apply a nutrient dense oil! Try a scented beard oil to keep your face clean from bacteria and to keep you smelling super manly.

2. Give your beard a good brush

Stimulating your face with a good wash is a great way to keep those hair follicles active but combing and brushing your hair will give it an even extra boost. A consistent brush, about once a day, will keep your hairs free from tangles and your follicles stimulated for growth. Think about investing in a good natural beard brush or wooden beard comb to keep your beard tangle free and grow-ready.

3. Keep it trimmed

A good trim is obviously the best way to keep a beard looking well groomed throughout the summer, even if you have longer locks. Keeping those stray hairs from flying is an easy way to look put together. You can start by investing in a great beard trimmer, or find a barber who you can trust, we suggest checking to find the best options. Even if you are looking for maximum growth, a light trim will actually help your hair grow longer!

4. Stop washing your face and hair with really hot water

All summer long, your hair and skin are being soaked with chlorine, sweat, and sunshine. With all that extra showering, summer is a really important time to turn down the hot water. The heat may feel great but you may actually be damaging your hair and skin by doing this! Really hot water opens up your cuticles and pores. This will add frizz to your hair, allowing greater opportunity for breakage and damage, thus inhibiting your hair from growing and looking fresh all summer. Try lukewarm or, if you are daring enough, cold water! This might feel uncomfortable at first but you will quickly get used to the lower temps and your face and hair will thank you for it!

5. Clean up your plate

This trick may not be one quite as obvious to most readers but the key to good hair health, is a cleaner plate. In order to thicken your hair strands and keep the beardruff away, your body needs essential fatty acids and proteins. Start by adding greek yogurt, eggs, sweet potatoes, chicken, or salmon to your plate! If those foods aren’t for you, just research foods with good proteins, like kale or spinach, to give your body the oomph that it needs healthy hair. Also, make sure to stay hydrated to keep your hair from getting dry and brittle! Really, what you put in your body is just as important  as what you put on your body!

The sweat, the heat, and the sun shouldn't take away from your beloved beard. So, make sure to treat your facial hair with some extra TLC, aka tender love and care, this summer. After all, beards aren't seasonal right?

Interested in more ways you can give your beard what it needs to keep it growing healthy and strong? Check out these Leven Rose beard products that will keep you looking fresh all summer long.

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