TJ's Country Store Second Annual Beard & Mustache Contest Raised the (handle) Bar

On Saturday, March 7th in chilly Mahtowa, Minnesota, hundreds of guests arrived to see the 48 beard competitors for TJ's Country Store's 2nd Annual Beard & Mustache Contest.

Lining up to win prizes and a bottle of Leven Rose Beard Oil were contestants in the following categories: Trend Beard, Full Beard, Partial Beard, and Mustache. Congratulations to all the winners!

Much to our dismay (and surprise!), many of these great beards had never used beard oil before. We were thrilled to hear that they were eager to go home and give it a good ol' try. In frigid and dry climates, a good beard needs a great beard oil. We were more than happy to oblige as a product sponsor.

Check out some of these great beards below. Did the best beard win in your opinion?  

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