9 Reasons Why Experts Recommend Gold for Skin Care

Why Use Gold in Skin Care?

Gold for skin care has been used through the centuries for radiant health and beauty with the most famous gold-touting beauty being Cleopatra herself. She was known to use pressed gold as a face mask nightly to preserve her youthful appearance.

From gold leaf to colloidal gold, this healing metal has been known to decrease inflammation and increase absorption of nutrients into your system.

Hailed for its luxurious qualities, gold has been used as a beauty secret for centuries by ancient Chinese civilizations as well as Cleopatra. Now the internet is exploding with photos and stories from Victoria Secret supermodels and bloggers about the wonderful ingredient that adds youth and radiance to your face.

Here are 9 reasons experts say adding gold as an ingredient in your beauty routine could give you ageless, glowing skin and if you use the acne treatment adelaide then your skin will be even more flawless.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Colloidal Gold (or nanoparticles) is most well-known for its use as an anti-inflammatory agent in arthritis care but is also proven to treat inflammatory skin conditions.

A study by Allen Goldstein, Ph.D. found that colloidal gold (gold nanoparticles) were effective in directly activating the skin’s anti-inflammatory response, called the Nrf2 pathway. The Nrf2 pathway is a protein response built into your immune system that calms inflammation and works as an antioxidant.

By using a gold-infused flower toner, you're amplifying the antioxidant power of your beauty routine.

Helps Heal Psoriasis

Medical use of gold is fairly common due to its significant effect on skin tone and treating skin inflammation and conditions.

Simon P. Fricker, Doctor of Cancer and Immunology, writes that, “Encouraging results have also been obtained with gold therapy as a treatment for various inflammatory skin disorders such as pemphigus, urticaria and psoriasis.”

The most common inflammatory skin disorder is psoriasis, also thought to be associated with the immune system, where a scaly rash appears on the skin. Pemphigus is an autoimmune disease which causes blisters to form on the skin. Urticaria is often caused by allergic reactions to foods that results in welts, itching, and swelling.

Gold can quickly and effectively help treat inflamed and irritated skin and skin conditions without chemicals.

Kills Bacteria (and Acne)

One of the main causes of bad breakouts is the dirty bacteria that you encounter on a daily basis.

To avoid breakouts and fight the bacteria, simply use gold. A recent study revealed that gold has been used to kill even super bacteria - bacteria that has built up a resistance to antibiotics.

This stunning new study is fantastic news for the medical world as well as those of us struggling with acne. After cleansing with a gentle natural moisturizer, follow with our Gold Moroccan Rose Water Toner Spray.

Fights Free Radicals and Sun Damage

Gold’s ability to soothe your skin and heal health issues is not the only benefit of using gold in skin care.

On a molecular level, free radicals are molecules that have an uneven amount of electrons. Because these molecules are unbalanced, they will “steal” electrons from healthy molecules through a process called oxidation. Free radicals often cause damage to skin cells which can cause premature aging, wrinkles, and cancer.

Huffington Post interviewed Tabasum Mir, M.D. and found that as a cosmetic dermatologist, she commended gold’s ability to reduce inflammation and redness and also to fight aging caused by free radicals, wrinkles, and sun damage.

Reduces Wrinkles

Collagen is the protein in your skin made out of connective tissue. Skin with a high amount of collagen is tight, plump and firm. Gold is often used to boost collagen production in the skin, fighting wrinkles and increasing natural, youthful elasticity.

Coupled with other pure collagen boosting products, gold helps stimulate your natural firmness.

Speeds absorption

When applied to the skin with other oils or beauty products, gold increases the absorption rate of other nutrients. The size of the gold is the key.

According to a crossover Chemistry, Dermatology and Medical Study, “Gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) represent an effective choice for topical drug delivery systems thanks to their small size, general non-toxicity, ease of functionalization and high surface to volume ratio.”

Gold encourages absorption of everything from topical medicine to other beauty products, making it the perfect ingredient for ultimate absorption and effectiveness.

Amplifies Antioxidant Powers

Because gold is itself an antioxidant and is highly effective in encouraging absorption of other nutrients, the antioxidant power of gold mixed with any other antioxidant substance amplifies the antioxidant power of the mixture. It’s a powerhouse of anti-aging.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Even though gold is a luxury item, it’s incredibly effective even in low doses.

A study was done on medical dosage of gold serum used for rheumatoid arthritis where they studied whether 50 mg or 150 mg of dosage would be more effective. The result was that the 50 mg performed as well as three times the amount. “Conventional dose therapy was as efficacious as high dose therapy with respect to the rapidity and degree of response.”

Using just a small amount of gold will give you the boost in skincare that you need to make a positive change for your skin.

Shimmering Skin

When used on your skin, colloidal gold not only sinks deeply into your skin but also gives it a youthful glow. Try Leven Rose 24K Gold Rose Water as an alcohol-free toner to deliver the most effective anti-inflammatory, refreshing, and youthful boosts to your skincare routine.

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but when it comes to your face, go gold.


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