Everyday Blueberry Organic Argan Oil Face Mask Recipe

When you open your fridge and see your blueberries going bad - not moldy, just softer than you would prefer to eat - try out this mask using organic Argan Oil (almost good enough to eat!).

You can use up those squishy blueberries without forcing yourself to eat less-than-fresh fruit. Using what you already have in your kitchen, you can freshen your fridge and your face. In our last post, we experimented with our hardcore Turmeric Rosehip Oil Face Mask. It isn't a mask you would use all the time so we wanted to try out something light that you would use more regularly. This Everyday Blueberry Argan Oil Mask soothes, renews, and softens your skin while giving it a beautiful glow.

Argan Awesomeness
Organic Argan Oil contains great antioxidants that soothe and moisturize your skin. It’s also non-comedogenic so if your skin breaks out easily, Argan Oil won’t block your pores or create blackheads. Since Argan Oil has vitamin E, it protects against sun damage - awesome for both the summer and the winter.

Blueberry Benefits
Blueberries are super delicious for eating and they contain antioxidants that fight free radicals and aging. Because blueberries are full of Vitamin A, they’re perfect for fighting sun damage and let’s be real, who doesn’t have at least some sun damage on their skin?

Honey Health
Honey is great at cleaning pores and blackheads. Because honey has antibacterial properties, it kills any bad bacteria that makes your skin break out. It has soothing and moisturizing properties, making your skin look glowy.







When we tried this mask, it was a great light cleanser. It’s a mask you can wear in the morning or at night and go to work or go out for drinks afterward because your skin is that healthy and pretty. : )

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