Why We're In Love With Pomegranate Oil

Beauty Fans are Calling Pomegranate Oil their New Fave

Fans of Pomegranate Seed Oil use it for skin cleansing and brightening, to treat acne, and to moisturize and nourish sensitive skin. Why does it work so well? What’s our secret?

Our Leven Rose Pomegranate Oil fulfills all of our crunchy requirements: organic, cold-pressed, unrefined, natural and pure. It’s also full of naturally-occurring nutrients that make it fantastic for skin, oil cleansing, and evening skin tone.


Pomegranate Oil is a natural cleanser, shrinking pores and treating wrinkles. Used daily as part of your cleansing process, just like any other natural beauty product, you’ll receive tons of benefits. What we’re seeing and hearing from others is that it’s completely replacing the need for pore strips! Our pores are not only shrinking but also our overall complexion is clearer and smoother.

Gently rub 2-4 drops of Pomegranate Seed Oil to your face to remove makeup and dislodge dirt and pollutants. Then gently wipe away with a warm damp wash cloth.

You can also use 2-3 drops as a moisturizer after washing your face with a natural face wash to brighten your complexion and deeply nourish your skin.

Why does it work?

Pomegranate Seed Oil contains a bunch of naturally-occurring powerful components. First, punicic acid, otherwise known as Omega-5 fatty acid, rejuvenates the skin, promotes cell growth, and fights free radicals and cancerous cells. Now, damaged skin and especially sun-damaged skin, gets refreshed and moisturized by these awesome soothing properties.

Tip: If your skin feels like it’s angry and itching to break out, use Pomegranate Seed as a cleanser or moisturizer - it contains antibacterial properties to treat acne while it’s just forming.

Oh, and collagen production is important if you want your skin all nice, plump and unwrinkled. Over time, our natural collagen breaks down which is when wrinkles like to show up. Pomegranate Oil contains ellagic acid which promotes collagen production naturally. It can be used both for clearing up you skin and improving your hair growth.

Hair Care

To improve your hair growth, simply massage 2-4 drops of Pomegranate Seed Oil to your scalp and let it sit for 20 minutes before showering and then wash your hair as normal.

About Pomegranate Oil

Grown in the desert region of northern India, Leven Rose Pomegranate Oil is extracted through the cold-press method. We’ve been using it daily for healing dry and oily skin (they seem like opposites but they’re often from a similar problem). It’s nice because it absorbs quickly without feeling greasy. It’ll fill in any fine little lines or wrinkles and give a fuller refreshed look to your skin.

Storing Your Oil

Leven Rose Pomegranate Seed Oil is organic, vegan, and cold-pressed, keeping the natural vitamins and elements untouched with a natural light scent of fresh oil. Always keep it in your dark amber bottle with glass dropper to keep from any harmful UV rays. Don’t put it somewhere like direct sunlight that can cause big temperature swings that’ll impact it. Don’t put touch the dropper with your skin. Always keep the oil separate from anything else biological or chemical in nature to keep from contaminating it. It’ll ensure a long shelf life for your pure oil.

Enjoy! Try it out as a face cleanser and tell us what you think! We love getting notes so drop us one if you have tips on how to use it or some photos of your results!

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