We Got Fresh - The New Leven Rose Logo is Here

It's finally here! We're excited to announce to you our new Leven Rose logo!
(It's a refresh, really.)

Over the next few weeks, you'll see it rolling out through our website, our social media, our emails, and more. But most importantly - you're going to see some new bottle labels!

Why is this important?

Well, we're growing. We're expanding into other countries - we're selling on Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, and we're also selling in China and Japan! - and this new growth means making Leven Rose products more easily available to everyone. The bottles will be easier to read, more identifiable and you'll love having them all as the collection that they really are - and give you more reason to take photos with them!

We owe you a thanks.

All this growth means that YOU have helped us along the way! Thanks for your continued support. You rock.

Ok, so what changed?

You will see that we'll be keeping the same pink you've come to know. We will be adding in a darker pink to make it pop more on the new bottles that we'll be announcing soon!
But we've updated the icon to be more unique and recognizable if you see it just by itself. We know that as we grow, we want this to be it's own emblem on the new products we're rolling out. Emphasis on ROLLING. Can't wait to tell you more about that.

We've had many people comment that the cream color is soft and soothing but hard to read when you've got text on a 1 ounce bottle. Plus, it's not as easy to read as a thumbnail image on Amazon.com and on our website LevenRose.com.

And, we updated the font to have more character. We love that it flows so well with the new flower icon. Now, the logo will be less prominent on the bottles because we're going to make the text of the oil bigger. We think that making the logo fuller and more unique, it'll be more recognizable even when smaller.

Well, what do you think?

We want to hear from you! Leave us some comments below. Do you love it? Do you not love it so much? What do you like best about it? Or, do you have some other great feedback for us? Drop us a line!

Don't forget, we answer all emails so you can share as much as you'd like on our Contact Us Page! Thanks again!

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