New Leven Rose Bottles Are Coming!

We're so excited to announce that soon, you'll be seeing the NEW Leven Rose bottles in your mailbox!

Have you already seen them?

Leven Rose is growing and we're proud to announce these new bottle designs as part of our brand refresh that we announced just a few weeks ago. The first to get the "face lift" is our Jojoba Oil. Have you already gotten one of the new bottles?

Why so much change?

You gave your feedback and we listened! Many of you have expressed that the back of the label where we give our instructions was hard to read. And we agree!

We also know that with all the competition in online shopping, bigger text with a white background and a stronger color makes it easier to read when it's a small thumbnail.

Plus, we're expanding our product line so much, we wanted to be able to offer you some variety in the labels to be able to discern the oils from each other easier. You'll be seeing some new colors on the front, a bolder side bar with bright white bold text with the Leven Rose oil name on it as well as other enhancements.

Check out all the changes

  • Features the new Leven Rose logo!
  • Bright front label with larger text for easier thumbnail legibility
  • Each label has either another accent color or flower background
  • Side label has big bold text with high contrast with product name
  • Back label instructions are bigger and easier to read
  • Back label shows that we're cruelty free!

We love your feedback!

We brought these new designs to market because of all the great feedback that you give us! As we continue to grow, we need your support more than ever!

When you get our new Jojoba Oil, let us know what you think! Drop us a line at [email protected] with your feedback and tips.

Let us know what you think and remember to participate in our Leven Rose Selfie Challenge when you get your new bottle!

p.s. Did you know that we're now live in Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon France and more? Stay tuned through our Leven Rose Insider Club!

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