How to Use Jojoba Oil For Your Face

We get a lot of questions asking for specific daily routine stories on how to use our Jojoba Oil for face, skin, hair and nails. This week, we've got a super awesome person giving you their personal story on their Jojoba Oil journey!


Jessica runs The Mommy Archives where she talks about her life, her skin routine and everyday glam. She made this Jojoba Oil Review video for us, and in it, she walks through her morning and evening routine.

Her energy is so contagious and she just gives the feeling like you're already friends!

(Isn't she so fun?)


It's ok if you didn't watch the video (or couldn't because you're at work - we get it). Here's the quick scoop on what Jessica does for her daily routine.


Jessica uses our Jojoba Oil as a daily moisturizer under her makeup. "I cannot recommend Jojoba Oil to you enough!" 

It's her moisturizer that she uses every day and sometimes multiple times a day to keep her skin healthy and happy.


She uses Jojoba Oil to remove makeup and to moisturize again.

To remove makeup, she pats down her face with water to get it a bit damp.

Then she puts 5 - 8 drops of Jojoba Oil into her hands and rubs her palms together.

She then massages it all over her face and even on her eyes to remove eyeliner and mascara. It's super gentle and doesn't sting so it's a perfect makeup remover.

To finish, she just takes a wet washcloth and wipes it off.


She uses another few drops again as a moisturizer.

Depending on how her skin is feeling or what time of a year it is, she might throw in an Argan Oil, which is great as a lighter moisturizer, or Rosehip Oil which is heavier if it's especially dry outside.

For her, Jojoba Oil is the common denominator. Even if she's trying new things, it's mixed with Jojoba Oil because her skin just loves it so much.

Be sure to watch her how to use Jojoba Oil video when you get a chance! She does explain more about what she looks for in a Jojoba Oil and some other tips that she gave her viewers.

You can now buy Jojoba Oil on our website at!

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