10 Things You Didn't Know About Turmeric for Skin

We recently wrote a recipe for our Rosehip Oil Turmeric Face Mask because so many websites talked about the benefits of Turmeric, but never their experience actually using it as part of a beauty treatment.

During our photo shoot (and the research before), we found out 10 Things You (probably) Didn't Know About Turmeric for Skin. We share them with you below.

But first, a fun story! See this beautiful girl? Her name is Tanya.
(You'll see why she's making this face in a minute.)

Turmeric Beauty by Leven Rose 3 with Tanya from Prospect Arts

Tanya is one of our super talented videographers from Prospect Arts who shot our Leven Rose videos that you can see at YouTube.com/LevenRoseBeauty. A big fan of our Jojoba Oil, she's the one removing her makeup in our How to Use Jojoba Oil video.

Well, Tanya travels the world. She had been in Bangladesh around the same time that we happened to be doing our recipe blog post. When she came back in town, we realized how serendipitous this overlap was.

On location in Bangladesh, she was filming a documentary on weddings in that region and during their preparations, they grind up fresh Turmeric Root, and apply it directly to the skin nearly immediately afterward. This detail enlightened us to another point about Turmeric for our list below.

It so happened that a playful trick by Jeff, who you can see in our How to Use Beard Oil video (he's quite a fan of our Beard Oil), convinced the women to give the same beauty treatment to Tanya. Due to the language barrier and out of consideration, there was no stopping this impromptu pampering. Tanya was clearly less than thrilled.

Turmeric Beauty by Leven Rose 2 featuring Tanya from Prospect Arts

The preparations are so beautiful though, aren't they? Below is the Turmeric paste that they make fresh and apply to the skin to give it a beautiful glow.

Turmeric Beauty by Leven Rose 1

Between our two Turmeric experiences, we share these helpful thoughts.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Turmeric

1. When freshly ground and applied immediately, it almost burns!
It's so powerful that it will make your skin feel almost on fire.

2. It will stain your skin!
Depending on how long you keep it on and how thoroughly you wash it off, it can tint you for a day. Fortunately no one at Target seemed to mind.

3. It's spicy.
We know it's a spice but it's got quite a kick! That's why many recipes use a calming agent in it as well like yogurt. If you've gotten dried Turmeric from the store though, it will have most likely mellowed out significantly. But for safety, apply a small amount of your beauty blend to your skin for a few minutes before putting it all over your face in case you get a reaction.

4. It's what makes mustard and curry yellow.
Didn't know that until very recently (maybe you knew this one, but the mustard too?) so you might have been getting these skin benefits without knowing it.

5. It will stain your clothes.
In many countries, Turmeric had been used as a dye so be aware when you're applying the mask. Best to wear something you don't mind getting tinted.

6. It is antibacterial which means acne hates it.
Which is why we loved it for our facial masque - breakouts be gone!

7. It's also a natural antiseptic if you have a burn.
If you get a burn, blend up a mix of Turmeric and aloe vera and apply to the burn for fast healing.

8. It can also be used as a hair dye!
If you already have light or blonde hair, this might be fun to try if you're feeling adventurous. Ok, it's not quite a skin fact but it's a pretty fun thing to know. It does help with dandruff though if you add it to your weekly or monthly Jojoba Oil Scalp Massages.

9. It can turn your sweat yellow.
This shouldn't be a shocker since we know it can stain your skin a bit, but some people who have taken supplements to try to get more Turmeric in their system for the antioxidant reasons have said that they've noticed their sweat being yellowish or seeing it on their pillow after using a mask on a summer night.

10. It will make you glow.
That's why these brides get covered in it from head to toe - you will be radiantly fresh-faced afterward!

Special thanks to Tanya Martineau of Prospect Arts for being a great fan of ours and giving us these shots!

Don't miss out - make our Rosehip Oil Turmeric Mask this weekend with ingredients you may already have. If you haven't tried our Rosehip Oil yet, you can get it for 15% Off by joining our Leven Rose Insider Club.

Enjoy! Tell us your Turmeric story in the comments below or drop us a note on our Contact Page about what we should make next!

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