5 Fall Natural Beauty Tips For Perfect Skin & Hair

'Tis the season! (Well, almost - not THAT season yet.) Slowly going away are the hot sunny days and they're being replaced with rainier, chillier and windier days instead. Now that you're not jumping in pools, lakes, or oceans, you have the opportunity to give your skin and hair a break and some needed R&R.

5 Fall Natural Beauty Tips for Fabulous Skin & Hair

Before you know it, there will be photos for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years and more. You need to look your best (this goes for you guys too!).

1. Give yourself a weekly scalp massage.

Haven't done one of these before? You can go hardcore and keep one on for an hour, but 20 minutes before your shower is probably enough. To keep your hair growing thick, fuller and healthier hair after possibly getting sunburned or subjected to big temperature swings, it's best to give your scalp some lovin'.

We love our Pure Watercress Seed Oil or Natural Tamanu Oil for an intense treatment or, if you want an all-around, multi-purpose oil, our Organic Jojoba Oil is all go-to for being great at everything.

Put a few drops in your palm and work it to the edges of your fingers to get deep to your hairline. Feeling confident? Apply a dropper or two straight in your scalp and then massage all over your head with your fingers. Let sit for 15-20 minutes before showering. Wash thoroughly to make sure it leaves you fresh and revitalized.

2. Get serious about nighttime moisturizing.

Autumn and winter are typically drier than summers (depending on where you live). Coupled with the decrease in outside humidity, the chilly winds steal more moisture from your skin than any other time of the year. This means you need to up your daily skincare protection and that is true at night too!

We love waking up feeling fresh and dewy, because mornings are hard enough as it is without feeling dry and scratchy. We're crushing on our cold-pressed Rosehip Oil as a nighttime booster. Smooth a couple drops around your eyes, all over your face and down your neck and across your chest. It's great for any skin that gets exposed during the day to that whipping chill.

3. Gift your hair an at-home oil treatment.

Over the summer, you might have been rocking a lighter hair color or it got naturally lighter in the sun. Even natural bleaching can make your hair feel rough, brittle or straw-like. Yuck.

For super intense moisture, use our Tamanu Oil for some potent healing. Our cold-pressed Jojoba Oil is the ol' reliable though for all hair types. Apply either oil liberally through your strands and either let it sit for an hour or so watching a good movie (maybe with cocoa?) or wrap up and leave overnight before washing the next morning.

4. Add on the moisture layers every morning.

If you wear makeup, you probably cycle different foundations out when your skin tone changes with the sun exposure. Even if you don't, you should be checking the expiration dates on all of your beauty products to make sure they're still fresh. (Think it's no biggie? Give that topic a good old Googling and you'll be going through your cabinet in no time.)

Before you apply anything else, lock in the moisture from your shower with an extra step. After patting your face dry after washing, apply an even layer of organic Argan Oil, which is best for sensitive skin that are comedogenic sensitive, or our main beauty hero, organic Jojoba Oil.

This step gives your skin extra protection from the harsh outdoors underneath your regular SPF and foundation so don't miss a day!

5. Treat this summer's sun spots and other late arrival blemishes.

As the days go on, you might see some new blemishes, extra dry spots or some sun spots popping up. What gives?

Oftentimes, damage from months before take some time to arrive. (Boo!) So the sun exposure from July might not show up until there's already snow on the ground even though it's been there all along.

Tackle the issue naturally without any harsh chemicals that can make it worse. If you're seeing spottiness and your skin isn't its usual bright self, add Pomegranate Seed Oil to your daily cleansing regimen with a cotton ball. Not only should it even out your skin tone and brighten, but it's got a reputation for giving pore strips a run for its money! Double whammy for the win.

If you have some really stubborn issues or maybe some eczema that's flared up, dab our Australian Emu Oil to the more difficult spots both at night and in the morning for deep sub-dermal healing.

BONUS TIP: Have a beard or know someone who does?

Beards are hair and skin combined in what they need for extra care! We have a full line of beard care products to keep the beards happy, growing and glistening all winter.

From bestselling Beard Oil to Boar Bristle Beard Brushes and Wooden Combs to gift sets, it's important to care for the base of the beard to keep those follicles growing the fullest beard they can (while combating the dreaded "bearddruff") all while keeping beard hair from getting unruly and dry.

Check out our step-by-step guide on How to Use Beard Oil and Beard Balm.

We hope you try a few of these tips! Got a few we missed?
Add them in the comments below!

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