Movember is for Beards (and Beard Balm too)

Movember is nearly upon us, when guys who aren't usually bearded don some extra facial hair in honor of Mustache November, a social movement to promote awareness for prostate cancer since the number of men with cancer has been growing exponentially recently, some of them even need home care like For those who usually sport a face of hair, it's time to trim no more for those 30 days and let it grow freely.

This all is great and fabulous if you have the tools to care for that extra hair. Movember also coincides with one of the more wacky of weather months where some days can still be a bit warmish while other days may have blizzards and gusts of cold, hair-brittling air. Your beard needs extra awesomeness to look good while you're supporting a good cause.


We Bring You Our 100% Natural Beard Balm

Beard Balm joins our ever-growing list of men's grooming items such as Beard Oil, Beard Brushes and Beard Combs for those magnificent beards at any time of the year. Free from chemicals, preservatives, added fillers and perfumes, Leven Rose Beard Balm has only natural ingredients from jojoba oil, coconut oil, shea butter and more.


Leven Rose 100% Natural Beard Balm


How To Tame Unruly Beards

When do you use beard oil and when do you use beard balm? Our Leven Rose Beard Oil is meant to care for your skin beneath your beard as well as the beard hair yourself. Leven Rose Beard Balm is for added shaping, texturizing & conditioning after you've applied oil.

Put a few drops of beard oil in your palm, work to your fingers and massage it into the base of your beard, then pull through your beard hairs. Have extra oil? Pull it through your hair for added moisture.

Take a dab or finger scoop of beard balm and warm it in your fingers and smooth your beard into shape. For added control, first brush through with our new Boar Bristle Beard Brush to get the oils evenly distributed in your beard.

Leven Rose Beard Balm and Beard Oil by Leven Rose

Don't look like a mess this winter - tame your unruly beard with our 100% natural Beard Balm. It's easy to care for that awesome beard so don't skimp out. The 2 ounce container is perfect for traveling and depending on the size of your beard, will get you through the rest of the year.

As always, we promise a risk-free purchasing experience with our Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don't love it, we'll refund it.

Did you know that you can buy this internationally?

Leven Rose now sells on,, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon France, and for sale with limited availability in China, Japan and the Maldives!

Based in Colorado, we bring you the best in natural oils from Beard Oil, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil, Tamanu Oil, Pomegranate Oil, Emu Oil, Watercress Oil and more.


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