Recover from Summer with Ways to Use Broccoli Seed Oil

Veg out this fall with Broccoli Seed Oil.

Thanks to summer, we tend to start the fall season with dry hair and sunburns. Pure Broccoli Seed Oil is perfect for repairing and preventing that damage. Broccoli thrives in cooler weather, so it's gearing up for fall just like us. We already know it's packed with nutrients that we need in our diet, including vitamin A, vitamin C, retinol, and essential fatty acids, among many others. But did you know using Broccoli Seed Oil externally can benefit your hair and skin, too?

Where Are Broccoli Seeds on Broccoli?

So you know the part of broccoli that looks like a treetop? It's lined with tons of green little buds that can be pollinated, bud into flowers, and turn into seed pods. Green Broccoli Seed Oil is cold-pressed from the tiny black broccoli seeds found inside those pods. Like many vegetable beauty oils, Broccoli Seed Oil is a natural solution to many woes. Read more on our blog post about how vegetables moisturize dry skin and hair.

Recover from Summer with Ways to Use Broccoli Seed Oil
We know, applying broccoli might sound...weird. Broccoli Seed Oil won't leave you green or slimy, though. The oil feels very light, so it quickly absorbs into the scalp and skin and leaves behind a non-greasy feel. If you aren't into its earthy smell, you can easily mix it with a few drops of an organic essential oil.

Check out these six easy ways to use Broccoli Seed Oil on hair and skin. Let's start with the three ways it helps summer hair, which has probably seen plenty of sun and swimming pool or two.

Top 3 Ways to Use Broccoli Seed Oil on Hair

1. Add a natural shine to your hair – For a silky sheen, comb a few drops of Broccoli Seed Oil through your hair. Silicone-based hair products are used for the same effect, but they contain the same material as household caulking. Broccoli Seed Oil is an all-natural solution.

2. Prevent split ends – Apply Broccoli Seed Oil to the tips of your hair. It provides protection against split ends, frizz, and breakage, especially if your hair has been damaged by the harsh summer sun.

3. Strengthen and heal weakened hair follicles – Does your hair feel more like hay? Massage some Broccoli Seed Oil into your scalp. Broccoli Seed Oil contains fatty acids found in many hair care products because they're known for conditioning and strengthening hair follicles.

However you decide to use Broccoli Seed Oil, start by using only a few drops at a time. Our Broccoli Seed Oil is pure and undiluted, so less is more!

Natural Broccoli Seed Oil is also great for skincare. Whether your skin has seen too much sun or not enough moisture, it'll take care of you.

Top 3 Ways to Use Broccoli Seed Oil on Skin

1. Moisturize dry skin – Apply a few drops of Broccoli Seed Oil to dry skin instead of lotion, which tends to clog pores. Fatty acids make Broccoli Seed Oil a natural moisturizer that's perfect for keeping skin hydrated.

Recover from Summer with Ways to Use Broccoli Seed Oil
2. Treat acne and rashes – Have an inflammatory skin condition? Try massaging Broccoli Seed Oil onto irritated skin. Broccoli Seed Oil contains arachidonic acid, which relieves inflammation. The oil is a natural treatment for acne, eczema, and rashes.

2. Prevent sunburns Broccoli Seed Oil blocks sunburns, so apply it to exposed skin the next time you head outside for a while. The University of Arizona found that when applied externally, Broccoli Seed Oil helps defend the skin from harmful UV radiation.

Even if you're not eating your broccoli (we won't tell), you can still use this veggie to look and feel great! Check out our full collection of other natural oils.

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