The History of Argan Oil

Little Unknown Facts About This Beauty Favorite

The History of Argan Oil by Leven Rose
 Since Argan Oil hit the shelves, this oil has become more and more popular in the name of beauty everywhere. Argan Oil is nothing new in the beauty world really though. Dating back centuries, this beautiful golden oil can be found as a high commodity in trade and sales where cosmetics are concerned. Here are few amazing facts about the history of Argan Oil and how to use it.

Where does it come from?

Argan Oil stems the argan tree which is located in the Southwestern parts of Morocco and is solely found there. The pit is taken from the argan fruit, grown and hand pressed for the oils. For centuries, the Berber women from these regions have collected these nuts from the waste of the fruit that goats up in the trees have eaten. Kind of weird, we know... Once eaten though, the hard exterior shells are broken down by the enzymes in the goats stomach, making the nut much easier to press but still protected. Then, these women would crush the nut with a stone grinder and then press out the oils.

These once flourishing trees though have dwindled due to deforestation. This was a problem up until 1998 when UNESCO protected the argan forests of Morocco, protecting the trees and the nuts for their oils.

How is Argan Oil made today?

Today, while some women are still hand pressing these oils, most are made through cold-pressing in machines. They are cold-pressed and extracted from the argan to use for cosmetic purposes with hair, skin, nails, and body.

The History of Argan Oil by Leven Rose

5 Ways To Use Argan Oil For Skin

1. Face moisturizer - At morning and night, apply argan oil to your face at night to heals dry skin and regulate the natural sebum (oil) production in your skin. Also, this oil will help to even skin tone and fight acne.

2. Argan Oil face mask - To help soothe skin, clear bacteria, and moisturize your skin into a glowing new you, try this face mask or other face mask to help your skin to truly glow.

3. Argan Oil lip scrub - This scrub works wonders for moisturizing and tending to dry and cracked lips.

4. Scar healer - Use argan throughout body on stretch marks and scars, as the antioxidants in this oil will help to heal and recover these scars.

5. Razor burn relief - Apply argan oil to legs post shaving to help with razor burn and repair any damage done to the skin.

5 Ways To Use Argan Oil For Hair

1. Deep conditioner - Argan oil is known for its ability to smooth and give hair a beautiful shine. Add argan to your conditioner and let soak in the shower for about three minutes before rinsing.

2. Heat protecter - Put on the ends of your hair before heating and styling. This will protect your hair from split ends and breakage.

3. Sun protecter - Also, apply to the ends of your hair before going out in the sun. Just like your skin, your hair needs to be protected from the sun to keep it from being damaged and fried.

4. Scalp conditioner - Before showering (about twenty minutes), apply a few drops to dry scalp to help with dandruff and an itchy scalp.

5. Shine booster - Apply to the ends of ends after styling to add extra shine to hair.

Other Ways Our Customers Use Argan Oil

1. For healthy cuticles massaged into nails.

2. Rubbed into hands and feet for natural softening and moisturizing.

3. Mixed with other oils for face wash.

4. Used as a carrier oil for essential oils.

5. As an alternative to conditioner or lotion.

What you need to know:

Are there other ways to use Argan Oil that we didn’t list here? Know more about the history of Argan Oil? Let us know below!

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