The Perfect Father’s Day Clothing and Hoodies Gift Guide

10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Bearded Dad

Buying a Father’s day gift can be difficult, especially if it seems like you have already bought all you can think of, in the previous years. The easiest way to find the right gift is to think about your father’s personality, habits and hobbies. If he is one of those men who believe that the only joy of shaving a beard is the one of growing it all over again, then you have an easy job. With all this beard-obsession going on lately, the market for bearded guys has experienced quite a boom. It doesn’t matter if your dad is the lumberjack or the dapper bearded type, you will find what you are looking for in the following Father's Day Gift Guide.

1. Beard Oil

A man with a beard has a single priority, and that is his beard. So, help your father nourish it the right way by buying him organic beard oil that can make his beard soft and manageable. If he needs a good shave, try a shave oil to keep from razor burn and smooth skin. When the beard is not well-groomed, the man himself looks unattractive and even messy. Beard oil is essential for hydrating and maintaining healthy facial hair. The best thing about it is that even if your father already has one, it cannot last forever, so he’ll always need more.

2. Fitness Gear

We all know that men with beards are the manliest men, so encourage your father to stay fit and healthy, by buying him clothes for gym, set of weights, punching bag, gym bag or even a gym membership.

3. Beard Balm

For a groomed stache, beard wax is a great gift idea!

The next best thing for grooming a beard is a beard balm and conditioner. Or try a wax if he needs even extra hold. If your father has a problem with unruly beard, than he could benefit from such a product which can soften the ends and give them some extra shaping and control.

4. A Suit

If your father is the old school gentleman (or, as we like to call it, a dapper man) then he must love to suit up and make his outfit just as elegant as his beard. So, get him a new tailored suit and for the ultimate dapper style opt for a three piece combined with a fedora hat, you can find that and the best hoodies at matching gear.

Let's get real for a second. It's time to show our dads some love. Like, a lot of love. Because if we're really being honest, that one (official) day out of the year when we're supposed to celebrate them doesn't come close to honoring all the dad jokes they enrich our lives with day in and day out.
If you're looking for stereotypical guy stuff (grills, tech, golf clubs, what have you), you'll have to look elsewhere. But we've got your fashionable father covered. The slideshow ahead contains pretty much everything your dad could need to go from Step-Dad Gary to Raymundo Rocket in about three clicks. We're talking sneakers, board shorts, athleisure, and even a skateboard — things your dad may not think he needs, but will most definitely love.

5. Beard Brush/Comb

The best way to deal with a messy beard is to comb it. Help your dad keep in check with his facial hair by buying him a beard brush or comb. Make sure, though, that you avoid plastic combs, and opt for natural materials, such as wood or bamboo, since they will not cause any frizz, annoying static or unpleasant twitches.

You can try the whole beard kit if you are wanting to get dad the set!

6. A Plaid Shirt

On the opposite side of the beard realm, right across the dapper man, stands the fierce lumberjack. This is the man that must have at least several plaid shirts in all their colors and shapes. Still, one of the most favorite classic styles is buffalo check plaid shirt, and you can never go wrong with it.

7. A Statement Tee

This is for all the bearded men out there. A t-shirt with a funny statement about their facial hair is bound to bring smiles on their faces. It can be anything ranging from “Fear the Beard” to “If Your Dad Doesn’t Have a Beard, You Have Two Moms”.

8. A Beard Kit

Nothing says, “I support you and your beard” like a beard kit. If your dad is just starting out his beard journey, the basic beard kit will be great for him. Three beard oils, a brush, and a comb will soothe beard itch, banish beard 'druff, and get his beard started on the right foot. If your dad’s beard is getting wild or long, a premium beard kit should suit his needs. It includes three beard-taming balms along with three beard oils, brush + comb, and comes in a wooden box, perfect for a man.

9. An Old-Fashioned Straight Razor

Buy a razor or you could take him to get an old fashioned barber shop shave.
Sometimes the classic items are the best ones. They evoke a sense of nostalgia (just like grandpa used to use) and have a certain evergreen appeal. Besides, the straight razor is very functional for shaping larger beards or scrapping the neck for shorter ones.

10. A Shave Oil Set

Your dad will need to shape his beard to keep it looking as epic as it does! This shave oil set includes four shave oils that help soothe and prepare his face for a close, smooth shave that will keep his beard looking great while giving him the choice to go unscented, with a fresh mint, sage, or sandalwood shave oil.

Men with beards are a special species, and lucky for you, they have very specific taste. It cannot be so difficult to find the right gift for them. Now, go and make your bearded dad happy and pleasantly surprised.

Words by: Peter Minkoff

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