Men Style Guide: The Dapper Look

How To Look Like A Gentleman

It would seem that, today, the innovative trends such as athleisure and lumberjack would completely push aside the good old classic gentleman’s look. However, dapper is much stronger than we could imagine and it can endure a million of fashion innovations more. We could track the origin of this style way back to the 1800, when men with top hats and beards were the portrayal of what people considered dapper. Much has changed over the years, but the essence of it is still elegance, confidence, and charm. Today, with the popularity of TV shows such as Mad Men and Suits, this look is yet again at its prime. Let us go through how to be dapper today.

1. Care about Your Hair

It seems that men of today find it “girly” to nourish their hair, but let us tell you one thing gentlemen, even the greatest hot-shots, such as Gregory Peck and John Wayne had to take care of their hair in order to look impeccably stylish. A good shampoo and a conditioner can get you a long way, but if you really want to step up your game, you must master the seven types of men’s hairstyling products:

  • Pomade: Hair pomade (oil-based and water-based) is essential for achieving the classic Don Draperish hairstyle with a high shine.
  • Hair wax: An alternative to pomade, hair wax has a similar effect, but with different degrees of shine and holding strength.
  • Hair gel: The most famous hairstyling product for men which leaves various levels of hardness.
  • Hairstyling cream: Natural shine combined with a low or medium holding strength, suitable for men with long hair.
  • Hair mousse: This product is augmenting the natural volume of the hair and providing a medium or firm hold.
  • Hair spray: Designed to secure your hairstyle in place, hair spray is best when used with some other styling product.
  • Leave-in conditioner: In charge of nourishing and hydrating the hair, leave-in conditioner is used for loose and casual hairstyles.

2. Nourish Your Face and Beard

No matter if you have a bare face or a beard, it is important to take proper care of your skin and facial hair if you truly want to look dapper. Use liquid soap or cleanser for face washing if you have dry skin, if your skin is oily, a bar soap will do the trick. Moisturizing is not just for ladies, so after washing your face (regardless if your soap is laced with a moisturizer) use cream (for dry skin), lotion (for normal skin) and skin toner or gel (for oily skin). You should know that a truly epic beard does not just happen, it is a product of grooming. This means regularly trimming, washing, using beard balm and conditioner, and finishing up with organic beard oil.

3. Suit Up

Now comes the most important part of our guide for the dapper look – the suit. This does not mean only suiting up for black tie events, but also redefining your casual wear and ditching the sweats or anything with a similar feel for trousers, V-neck sweater and a pair of chinos. Every self-respecting gentleman must have at least one custom made suit in his wardrobe and a couple of well-fitted dress shirts and statement ties to go with it. Invest in solid color (grey, navy or black suit) and pair it up with a shiny not-a-stain-on-it black or brown Oxford pair of shoes and you will immediately channel the Creative Director of Sterling Cooper advertising firm. First, you have to get acquainted with some basic suit styles, though:

  • American cut (straight waist, single centre vent in the jacket, natural shoulders)
  • British cut (slightly pinched waist, double vents, padded shoulders)
  • Italian cut (tapered waist, no vents, padded shoulders).

The suits can also be double-breasted and single-breasted.

Remember that the suit, hairstyle and beard definitely do not make a man, and especially not a gentleman. Match your manners with your style and you will fulfill the dapper look mission.

Words by: Peter Minkoff

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